Light has the ability to define a space and honor its purpose.  With the play of light and shadow, a single space can transform from intimate to celebratory, from dramatic to industrious.  Douglas Architectural Lighting works closely with the client and the design team to establish the functional requirements of each space, to create individually suited solutions tailored to the project’s needs.  The firm specializes in high end hospitality, retail, commercial, and residential projects and is sensitive to the unique challenges each presents. The firm believes that lighting should be felt first and seen second.  Light sets the scene, drives the action, leads the eye, and suggests the mood.  Clients live, play, and work within these spaces.  It is an art to create vibrant, dynamic lighting effects that evoke emotion and support activity.
The firm draws from a palette of sources and luminaires and works within the architecture to create a composition in perfect harmony with its surroundings.  The firm subscribes to the concept of Gesamtkunstwerk, a complete or total work of art.  As such, our lighting designs complement and complete the project, and never upstage.
As a company, expertise in lighting design coupled with an extensive knowledge of current lighting technologies is one of our best assets to a client.  In a rapidly changing market, we can provide information and options for high energy efficiency without sacrificing character from the lighting design.  With a vast knowledge of lighting automation systems, we can ensure that the design will be as simple to use as it is beautiful.
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